9 Reasons Why You Will Love A Custom Built Home in Las Vegas

9 Reasons Why You Will Love A Custom Built Home in Las Vegas

Here is an interview between Unique Custom Home’s owner Jim Ross and The Agency.

February 26th, 2017:


Q: Over the last 26 years, you’ve built more than one hundred custom homes. What’s your favorite area in Las Vegas to build a custom home?

A: Yes, we built homes in Anthem Country Club, Seven Hills, Southern Highlands, Spanish Hills, Spanish Trails, Red Rock, Tournament Hills, TPC, Section 3,4,10 Queensridge, Ridges, and other areas. I like to build in areas that appreciate it the most.


Q: Why?

A: Because I’m getting satisfaction with not only saving money for my clients, but also I like to know they have instant equity in this house — they’re going to be well. That’s why I have so many repeat clients. They built one home with me, made a million or two, and now they are ready to build another one and another one. That’s how you build wealth, and I am happy to help my clients.


Q: Which areas appreciate it the most?

A: As of spring of 2017, Ridges.



Q: Any new communities you will recommend?

A: Yes, the new golf course community Summit in Summerlin. 555 acres developed by Discovery Land Company. With a total of 134 lots, half of it is under the contract. Building lots start at 3 million.


Q: If I would like to build a custom home can you help me to find a lot?

A: Absolutely! It is very important to find the right lot, some topography of the lot can cost you more money to build. I’m assuming you are working with a realtor. If not, I know a great team of realtors specializing in building lots. Before you buy I will be happy to look at the lot, or compare a couple of your favorite lot, check the building envelope and give you some advice.


Q: Do I have to have blueprints first to contact you?

A: No, the sooner you contact us the better. We are working hand to hand with quite a few architects.


Q: Can I save money on your new construction?

A: Yes! That’s the main reason people hiring us. Because of the volume and amount of work we are giving to our subcontractors, they are giving us the best prices. Also because we are avoiding mistakes, time of project from breaking ground to CFO it’s between 8-12 months on 5,000-10,000 sq ft home.



Q: Are you saying the longer it takes to build my home, the more it will cost me?

A: Absolutely! When hiring a contractor, you should ask how long it’s taking to build it. If a project, for example, is bigger than 10,000 sq ft and is taking more than 18 months it’s an indication of hiring bad subs, wrong coordination, bad design, and lack of supervising. It may result in not being able to pass inspections, and on the end, you as a homeowner will pay for it. That’s why my number one goal is to deliver quality homes in the shortest time possible.


Q: Talking about quality…

A: Quality is extremely important to us. That’s why we are getting so many referrals. People recognize great quality, and they deserve it! They’re building their dream home and spending their life savings, so we should deliver them the best product.


Thank you for an interview Jim Ross. For more information please contact Unique Custom Home in Las Vegas at 702 595-4069 .