About Unique Custom Homes

Jim Ross (CEO of Unique Custom Homes) was born in Orange County, CA to a school teacher and a NASCAR champion. “My dad had very high expectations for me and to always seek excellence. He didn’t want me to become a race car driver, but he always wanted me to be the best in whatever I chose to do in life.”

Jim’s first job was at McDonnell Douglas where he quickly got a position as one of the leading plastic developers bringing 12 patents to the company. “I was working on mile-long blueprints, everything had to be accurate, lots of details and no room for mistake. Working for the biggest aircraft maker, it was a school of life. It gave me the foundation for my beliefs in perfection. When I decided I wanted to leave the corporate world, I was ready to give my best.”

Jim then started his own carpet installing business. “It was not easy. Carpets were coming in different colors and prints. I developed a system to match patterns and calculate yards. Soon after, I started remodeling my own house, found a love for building and began construction.”

Since first appearing in the luxury home scene, Jim Ross has been building luxury custom homes in Las Vegas for over 26 years and over 100 custom homes build in Nevada. Over the years, Unique Custom Homes has established strong working relations with many of the finest architects, engineers, and subcontractors known in the business. Ron Schmitz, Vice President, says “Unique Custom Homes take pride in providing top quality service and close attention to the detail.Unique Custom Home believes there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction.”


Unique Custom Homes gives you the freedom to choose from the latest designs and styles while maintaining comfort and quality.

Finding the Perfect Place

At Unique Custom Homes, our passion is working with you and providing exceptional service to help you make your dream home a reality! We provide clients with luxurious masterpieces built to their individual tastes. Above all, we don’t just design houses, we create homes, places where memories are born, friends and family gather, and lifetimes are shared.

Designing Your Dream Home

Designing your dream home is like starting from a blank canvas. Instead of having to renovate a pre-built house, you’re given a blank page to design a home to your preference. Customization is easier than ever when you work with us. Our clients will have the freedom to choose certain aspects regarding their home such as neighborhood, floor plans, rooms layout, size, elevations, flooring, appliances, lighting cabinets, colors, etc.

Our Custom Home Building Process





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